The best apologetic of the gospel is a congregation that believes it.
— Leslie Newbiggin

Our Identity:

We are centered on God's glory

We believe that God's glory consists of the overwhelming beauty that stems from all His attributes (e.g., His love, wrath, mercy, justice, etc.) working together in perfect harmony.  We exist to glorify God by enjoying Him forever. This belief is inevitably expressed through praise. We praise what we enjoy because our delight is incomplete until it is expressed in worship.

 We are Reformed

This identifies us with the "recovery of the gospel" which took place in the 16th century Protestant Reformation.  We wish to hold to these views humbly, recognising that godly men and women would differ with some of these views.  Reformed beliefs include the following:

The Bible alone is our ultimate authority for all matters of faith and practice,
God is absolutely sovereign over creation and history,
He has elected (set his love upon) believers apart from any merit of their own,
believers are made right with God by his kindness alone through faith alone in Christ alone,
sin defiles every part of human beings: our minds, our emotions, and our wills.  In other words, we are all by nature "dead in sin",
Jesus doesn't just make salvation possible, but his life and death truly and actually saved his people from their sins,
God is not only the author, but he is also the finisher of our faith.  In other words, every true believer is kept by God forever.  
None of this takes away from us the responsibility to believe in Christ, to turn from our sin and to call on others to do the same.

We are Always Reforming

We believe that all Christians who are alive today are “under construction”.   As the Holy Spirit continues to refine, repair, and restore us into the image of Jesus over the course of our lifetime, we realise that there will be several bumps along the way.  We're always saints and sinners at the same time. "Success" in the Christian life should not be measured by how little we sin, but by how much we repent.  Even in our "best" moments, we fall short of God's glorious standard. 

We are Missional

We wish to be faithful to the unchanging content of Biblical doctrine and also to understand the diverse and changing cultures of people amongst whom we live and serve.  We believe that our mission is to bring people to Christ and enfold them in his church so that they can be trained to go out into their culture as effective missionaries and faithful stewards of God’s world.

We are Kingdom-centred

We believe that the Kingdom of God is not only a future hope but is also a present reality.  We believe that the ascension of Jesus Christ means that He is presently reigning from Heaven and we are therefore called upon to honour and obey Him in every area of our personal lives and to plant the banner of Christ’s rule in every area of human endeavour.

 We are Covenantal

From the beginning, God has graciously entered into a covenantal relationship with his people through Jesus Christ, and he continues his redemptive plan throughout the generations. As God has been faithful to keep his covenant with us, we also want to faithfully keep covenant with him. One way we do this is by seeking to raise our children in the discipline and instruction of the Lord. When a father and mother work from biblical principles as a unified team, the children receive a consistent message that helps them to stand for Christ in this fallen world. Single parents, married couples, single adults and children all benefit from being in a loving church family that seeks to obey God’s covenant. It is our sincere prayer to see many Christians come forth from our church families over multiple generations.

We are Elder-led

We believe that the biblical pattern is for a church to be governed by appointed men (male, plural) who meet the requirements for leadership laid out in passages such as 1 Timothy 3.

We are Confessional

This means that we have a written statement of faith.  The elders hold to the Gospel Coalition’s confessional statementunderstanding it to be a beautiful and accurate summary of the Bible’s teaching.  Every church has a confession, formal or informal.  Our confession of faith is written down so that you can know more clearly where we are coming from.